Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses, including COVID-19

Hand and general wipes
3ply surgical masks
KN-95 masks
Face Shields- Adults
Face Shields – Children
Latex gloves
Thick gloves (High risk)
Screen shields - Customized
Hand Sanitizer 75 % Alcohol (50ml, 250ml, 5L, 25L – MSDS certificate)
Anti Bacterial Liquid soap 5L
Fogger Aerosal 120ml (Kills 99% Bacteria)
Black Metal Sanitizer Stand (includes bottle with sanitizer)
White Sanitizer Stand Pedal
Hair Nets
Surgical goggles
Plastic Aprons
Covid-19 Floor Stickers
Covid-19 Notice Boards
Shoe covers (100 in a pack)
Disposable slippers
Disposable surgical gowns long sleeves elasticed
Coverall / Hazmat suits*


*Please take note all coverall / hazmat suits are polypropylene material and fluid resistant.

All can be used for Covid-19 patients

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to curb the spread of COVID-19

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